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Get ready for the ultimate party when you bring home your family bundle! Robo Rascals® are one of the most popular Roomba® accessories and the perfect gift for clean fun! Let all the Rascals slide their way into your hearts at an unbelievable price. Save 10% on 2 Rascals -or- Super size your discount with 25% off 4 Rascals!

Every character in the Robo Rascals family is unique and tells it's own story...

NEW! Edward the Eagle

Edward the Eagle is ready to fly high around your home, supporting our active troops and veterans with his patriotic pride. 20% of each adoption fee for Edward will be donated to Mission 22, an organization “dedicated to healing America’s veterans when they need it most – right now.” Compatible with ALL circular iRobot Roombas and many other devices! 

NEW! Stormy the Shark

Stormy the Shark is ready to stalk the deep blue sea of your home and scoop up dust fish and anything else on the ocean floor with his toothy Shark grin. This sea-fairing shark is the perfect addition to your summer décor and with his soft, polyester blubber, you can be sure he won’t take any bites out of your furniture or baseboards. Turn every week into Shark Week! Compatible with ALL circular iRobot Roombas and many other devices! 

Callie the Cat

Callie the Cat is ready to dull that vacuum noise to a purr as she scurries around your house, sweeping up every dust mouse she can find! This sweet kitten is a perfect pet for the whole family and her soft fur makes for excellent petting and an excellent way to protect your furniture and walls from scrapes and scratches. Compatible with ALL circular iRobot Roombas and many other devices!

Chester the Cow

Chester the Cow is ready to mooooove around your home, moseying from wall to wall and room to room, sweeping up smiles and keeping the pasture fresh and clean! His spotted hide is sure to bring giggles to the whole family! Compatible with ALL circular iRobot Roombas and many other devices!

Lucy the Ladybug

Lucy is here to keep your house tidy and clean. She loves the sun and promises to keep your home sunny and bright. She’ll cuddle up against all of your windows, walls, and furniture, protecting them from scratches with her soft exterior.

Betsy the Bumblebee

Betsy is ready to make your home as happy and bright as the flowers she pollinates! She loves to buzz from corner to corner and wall to wall as she scoops up dust and crumbs along her way, tucking them into her hive. She’s sure to fly straight from your order into your heart.

Tidy the Turtle

Tidy is a turtle that is no slow poke when it comes to keeping your floors as clean as can be! He loves exploring under tables, chairs, and couches, gobbling up any crumbs he finds. His shell covering protects your thingamabobs, and the joy he brings is contagious to everyone.

Hector the Hedgehog

Hector is ready to rock and roll around your home, scavenging every speck of dirt, and sweeping away every dust bunny! His fluffy fur will make you giggle every time he gets started and with his sweet demeanor, he is sure to be a family favorite. Compatible with ALL circular iRobot Roombas and many other devices!

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