A clean home is a healthy home, so why not make it a fun home too? The Robo Rascals Roomba® covers are here to take your Roomba® from drab to fab! Just pull on your new favorite pal, Velcro them down, and watch them ride! 

From Humble Beginnings...

Our American story

Robo Rascals is a proud American small-business owned, operated, and shipped out of Owner Francesca’s home, assisted by her Chief of Barketing Chewey.

They had been developing and engineering the idea of a Roomba Cover for over 18 months before their launch. And when the pandemic hit, they decided to put their all into making their American Dream a reality.

Every order is personally packaged by the owner and sent out with love. ❤️

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Be a part of the story this year.
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Lucy the Ladybug

Lucy is here to keep your house tidy and clean. She loves the sun and promises to keep your home sunny and bright. She’ll cuddle up against all of your windows, walls, and furniture, protecting them from scratches with her soft exterior.

Betsy the Bumblebee

Betsy is ready to make your home as happy and bright as the flowers she pollinates! She loves to buzz from corner to corner and wall to wall as she scoops up dust and crumbs along her way, tucking them into her hive. She’s sure to fly straight into your heart.

Tidy the Turtle

Tidy is a turtle that is no slow poke when it comes to keeping your floors as clean as can be! He loves exploring under tables and chairs and gobbling up any crumbs he finds. His shell covering protects your thingamabobs, and the joy he brings is contagious to everyone.

Hector the Hedgehog

Hector is ready to rock and roll around your home, scavenging every speck of dirt, and sweeping away every dust bunny! His fluffy fur will make you giggle every time he gets started and with his sweet demeanor, he is sure to be a family favorite.

Rascal Twin Pack!

Everyone knows that two heads are better than one, so why not pick up two rascals? Choose any combination of two rascals to form the ultimate duo of clean at this discounted price!

Rascal Family Pack!

Get ready for the ultimate party when you bring home the entire Rascal family! Let Tidy, Lucy, Betsy and Hector glide their way into your heart at this Ultimate Value Price!

Meet the Original Rascals

Clean Family Fun

Adopt your favorite Rascal and bring them home for holiday fun. Robo Rascals are more than Roomba® skins or decals, they're pals for life!

The Perfect Gift

The Rascals are durable and easy to clean for endless fun year after year. Surprise your loved ones with this unique and fun gift!

Very Easy To Use

Slip the Rascal over your iRobot Roomba® and optionally secure it in place easily with built-in Velcro tabs. Then just watch it go!

The Rascals make friends easily...

We are made to work with Roomba® by iRobot®

600 Series

Includes the Roomba®​ 675 and Roomba®​ 614

800 Series

Includes the Roomba® 800, Roomba® 880, and Roomba® 890

900 Series

Includes the Roomba® 960

i Series

Includes the Roomba® i3

e Series

Includes the Roomba® e5

Our Growing Rascal Family

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