by Adopting a New Cover for your Robotic Vacuum!

Who are the Rascals?

Robo Rascals Roomba Covers are Lovable, Fully Functional Covers that can transform a number of different robotic vacuums into Adorable Pals for the Whole Family!

Protect Your Furniture and Your Walls from scuffs with these Cuddly Buddies. Simply slip a cover onto your compatible device and watch them go!

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From Humble Beginnings...

Our American story

Robo Rascals is a proud American small-business. It is female-owned and operated, out of Owner Francesca’s home in Virginia, assisted by her Chief of Barketing Chewey.

This idea was years in the making and when it came time to launch, despite the pandemic that threw our normal into something brand new, Francesca dove head first into her American Dream. Every visit to this website is met with a grateful heart.

Every order is personally packaged by the owner and sent out with love. ❤️

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We are made to work with Roomba® by iRobot® and others

Roomba® 600 Series

Includes all current models

Roomba® 800 Series

Includes all current models

Roomba® 900 Series

Includes all current models

Roomba® e Series

Includes all current models

Roomba® i Series

Includes the Roomba® i3, i3+ and i4
For select Robo Rascals® i6, i7, and i8


Includes the ION and some IQ models


Select Deebot® models including N79


Select models


Select models

Please reach out if you are curious about the compatibility with others devices! Just because they haven’t been placed on the list, doesn’t mean they won’t work! If your model is not on this list and you would like to test it out, please contact us for a special opportunity!

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Robo Rascals is a trademark of Maniff Creations, Inc. US Serial Number 88912036

Robo Rascals are not affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by iRobot Corporation, maker of the Roomba® robot vacuum, or any of its employees, affiliates or subsidiaries. Roomba is a registered trademark of iRobot.

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